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About Alleppey

About Alleppey

Alleppey – admired as 'Venice of the East' is blessed with immense and diversified natural beauty with the backdrop of coconut bounties. The glamour Alleppey had regained from finely tuned commercial activities which were carried through its waterways resembles very well with that of Venetian vibes. With the Arabian Sea on its west, the land also embrace a unique network of canals connecting the lakes, lagoons and several freshwater rivers sorrounding it. Kuttanad,part of Alleppey is the most beautiful backwater tourist regions of the World celebrating along with boat races and houseboat holidays .

Alleppey has also now grown to be one of the major trade centres of coconut and related products especially coir which is one of its important cottage industry contributing considerably to the kerala's economy…One can find coir workers engaged in soaking coconut husks BSCIsometimes in pools or in canals, beating them out and weaving the tough brown strands into long ropes on spindles stretched between endless coconut trees.

We , Coco Fibre Tex ,located on the outskirts of Alleppey Town ,welcomes you to view our home page and product details, We hope that this site would provide us opportunities to serve customers abroad at their utmost satisfaction .

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